Half-Japanese and Half German, born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. Cynara showed a proclivity for creative and imaginative arts and expression since a very young age. 

Raised in a supportive environment, led her to create graffiti murals in her teens. By the age of 19, with her Portfolio overflowing with graffiti murals, she gained entrance into the prestigious Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design ( currently ECIAD University). Cynara loved experimentation and contemporary practice. She specialised in Sculpture and 2D, later moving into Installation Art, and Public Intervention.

Her creative muse has shifted directions several times, spanning from Fashion and Dyeing, moving into Craft practices, and currently finding it's form of expression in Raku Ceramic Sculpture.

She is located in Sitges, Barcelona, SPAIN. She invites custom orders and collaborative invitations.


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