I begin by engaging in an experimental dialogue with my reality. Then I let go and play. I stay present in the moment. I present forms, thoughts, wishes and rituals, and then step back and wait for the answers to present themselves. They do this through shadows and faces revealing themselves in the clay, through clouds, coffee grinds, the patterns of birds. In this way I am a conduit between my physical form and the non -physical aspect of consciousness. 

This process reflects a greater shift occurring within humanity at this time. This shift could be understood as a transition between a Newtonian Materialist worldview in which the world exists in objectively quantifiable Objects to a Quantum perspective in which the Universe is ultimately participatory in nature. 

I make Raku Ceramic sculptures, small in nature, representing spirits, saints, Bodhisatvas, shape-shifters, mythological creatures, spirit boats and Japanese Shinto gateways. These may be categorized as Intermediary figures, transitional hybrid beings between the Mundane Material and Sacred and Spiritual World. Then I place these in Natural areas and through Ritual, I activate their vibration. This combines Craft, Sculpture, Public Intervention and Performance.

Now is the time to make magic. It is through the placing of these objects in caves and other “power” points in nature and their activation through ritual, intention and consecration. The entire process is cathartic, from the “trial” of carrying, often 3 to 6 Kg of Ceramics through dense wilderness, becomes a force of Redemption. This mirrors the spiritual intention of a Journey or Pilgrimage, and the stages of the path. 


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